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Commercial Playground Equipment

S. Bollinger & Associates LLC sells and installs Superior Recreational Products.. This top-of-the-line playground equipment is IPEMA- and ISO-certified to help ensure the safety of this equipment.
We can assist you in the development design installation and surfacing for your new playground or the renovation of an existing playground.
Superior Recreational Products also offers site essentials such as picnic tables, bleachers, etc. You can request a catalog online or give us a call for a site visit.
Pour-in-Place Safety Surfacing
We install pour-in-place safety surfacing, resilient mats, and flooring systems for a safe long-wearing surface. Pour-In-Place seamless surfaces eliminate trip hazards and are in total compliance with ADA standards.
Key Benefits Include:
  • Compliant with current ADA-handicap-accessible requirements and ASTM fall height standards
  • Dry, sanitary and colorful play area
  • Virtually maintenance free, can be sprayed, swept, or blown clean
  • Environmentally friendly; every square foot of safety surfacing uses approximately one rubber tire
Surfacing is a duo-layer unitary synthetic surface. The base layer consists of shredded recycled rubber (tires) and a polyurethane binder. The half-inch-thick wearcoat consists of colored EPDM rubber coated with a polyurethane binder. Recycled tire material can be incorporated in the wearcoat to minimize cost. This creates a flexible, resilient and virtually indestructible surface that is adaptable to any design or architectural need.
Our tested surface will meet or exceed the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's Guideline for Safety Surfaces as tested by ASTM's Designation F 292-93 Standard Specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment. Our surface has also been tested of H.I.C. values per C.P.S.C. regulations. Our seamless pour-in-place surface provides firm footing and traction for wheelchairs or other special walkers, and are in total compliance with the American Disabilities Act.
Safety surfacing is also environmentally friendly. Every square foot of synthetic resilient surfacing uses approximately one rubber tire (varies according to thickness). Prevents soil erosion in sloping areas. Recycling tire rubber into new products is better than using them as fuel (burning). Most synthetic resilient surfaces are designed to handle more than 8" of rainfall per hour.
Water Spray Grounds
Our water spray grounds are designed specifically for the childcare facility that needs water activities for children with a budget conscious approach.
Our basic spray ground consist of a concrete slab with positive drainage approximately 350-400 square feet with 2 spray streams shooting upwards and 1 overhead water feature. The spray features water supply is connected to the customers existing outside faucet and is designed to drain out when not in use. The concrete slab is overlaid with pour-in-place safety surfacing, that is .5 inch thick EPDM color rubber in order to reduce slipping, minimize scrapes and is more aesthetically pleasing. The cost for a spray ground as described is approximately $10,000 in the St. Louis area (note: site conditions can alter the cost).
water spray playground
Spray grounds are available in any size or shape, customize to fit your needs.
Running Track Repair
Rubber running surfaces are, without question, the best running tracks available and are also the most expensive!
S. Bollinger & Associates's goal is to assist our customers by increasing the longevity of their investment. By providing services which includes, repairs, structural spraying, preventive maintenance, and expert consultation.
Most repair work can be minimized if the problem area is addressed in its early stages of failing.
running track
S. Bollinger & Associates specializes in just track repair, and not whole track installations. By taking this approach, we are able to focus on the problem area, finish the job in the least amount of time, with the least amount of material, and pass the savings on to our clients.
pole vault construction
We also construct track and field events, such as long jump, pole vault, and triple jump runways, and pits.
Artificial Golf Greens
Whether it's for teaching, practicing, driving ranges, resorts, Par-3 courses, universities, planned communities, or your backyard, Pin High Greens can meet your needs.
Pin High Greens integrates the use of recycled rubber, our exclusive "air-brake system" then crowned with our playing surface specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, and performance of regulation greens. The results are a golf green that offers the same speed, ball holding ability, contour, and true roll of a quality bent grass green and are virtually maintenance-free.
Pin High Greens are versatile; they are designed to withstand the rigors of hot and cold climates alike, and to evacuate water rapidly to keep the green in perfect playing condition regardless of the weather. They can be equipped with a heated base to allow winter play in colder climates, meeting the golfer's demand for playability year-round at their convenience. Of course your green can be used for other backyard activities and entertaining.
Pin High Greens putting green is a perfect solution for any golfer who doesn't have much time. In the convenience of your own backyard, you can practice your short game whenever you want plus have a lot of fun with family and friends. The best part is you won't have to spend your time mowing, watering, seeding, and fertilizing, or top dressing (required for other artificial greens).
Pin High Greens putting green
Playing greens are designed to hold a shot from over 100 yards with no ball mark! When chipping onto the green, the ball will actually check up. With backspin you can even make a ball stop or back up. The ball will roll true and at an even pace at fast or slow step speed.
St. Louis Area: Putting and chipping greens are $15 per square foot and for playing greens $16.00 per square foot. Cost can vary depending on the size and location of the project.


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